Puerto Princesa Palawan

Puerto Princesa Palawan

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Puerto Princesa Palawan

After so long, here's my Puerto Princesa Palawan Trip. I finally was able to visit one of the most visited island in the Philippines, the port princess I call it as it has the best international port in Philippines. The place suits any type of vessel and they come in and out of the island without any problems. It has an area of 2,381.02 square kilometres (919.32 sq mi). By the way the city is complete that you don't need to worry about running out of cash as the ATM's are available in most area in town, hospitals and they have good restaurants. One that I love in particular is the Bajao Seafront Restaurant, i also love the small restaurant's by the boulevard which serves really good seafood and are affordable too plus you get a view too. And for those who loves the night life, all you gotta do is visit Rizal Avenue and you'll find reggae bar, acoustic bar and even hip-hop and their famous TIKI Club is right at the city centre.

The photo to your right is the entrance of the infamous Puerto Princesa Palawan River Cave, one of the UNESCO's great wonders of the world. It's well preserved and breathtaking. Getting there is quite an adventure which I'm not so fond of. I love road-trips yet the curvy, zigzagging, roller-coaster ride isn't so much fun anymore. Yet, once you arrive at the cave everything is just worth it, you will be in awe and be taken away by its beauty.

Where to book your tour?

You can book your tour from the travel and tours agency that are quite so many that even the airport alone you will be offered a seem to me is a never ending lots and lots of flyers, and tour options with different prices of course. Also from your hotel / hostels, online, or from the city government which offers relatively quite cheaper price than the rest of the options provided for booking.

Puerto Princesa Palawan

I spent 4 nights and 5 days in Puerto Princesa Palawan, and stayed at Floral Villarosa they have a swimming pool, a humble restaurant, clean cozy rooms and really friendly accommodating employees. There are so many of things you can do in this city from island hopping to bar hopping to spelunking and watching one of the great wonders you pick or do them all. I somehow, chose to relax, chill, enjoy my sweet holiday and do my river run, enjoyed the seafood and socializing. I have met a lot of people and became friends with them both locals and fellow travelers from all over the world. It's so amazing and such a great holiday to remember.

By the way, over to the left is a shot of the Cleopatra's Needle. It is a popular hiking spot, certainly the highest peak in the area with the most diverse forests and home of the most endemic species in the country. It's beautiful yet I didn't get the chance to hike there as it was raining and I don't wanna go back to the roller-coaster road-trip anymore. 😉 

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy it and stay tune for my next adventure.

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