Lists of Important Stuff to Bring as a Female Solo Traveler

Posted on August 29, 2017October 6, 2017Posted in Philippines, Travel

For a first-time solo travel, any woman would feel anxious, especially if they didn’t pack the right things. Indeed, you can bring along as many things as you want, but excess luggage can increase your travel expenses, from the airport to the travel destination itself. And packing less isn’t a good idea, either. You might stay in a place for a week or two and haven’t considered that your clothes are all used and you don’t have any extra ones left.

Truly, this dilemma has haunted almost all experienced and first-time travelers.

Whether you plan to travel abroad or domestically, there are things you should always have. From safety necessities to making your travel fun, here’s what you should bring:

Travel Documents

The last thing you want to happen is to be stranded in an unfamiliar place without any of your important information. Make copies of documents – your license, passport, your visa, travel insurance, hotel reservations, and anything else you’re bringing with you.

First Aid Kit

While traveling, you will get to experience a lot of local activities, and most of the time, you’ll get injured. Well, it probably will only be some minor cuts, but to be safe, it is best to bring along a customized first aid kit. Stock up things like aspirin, Lactaid, Imodium, antibiotic cream, and other things depending on where you’re going.

Emergency Contact Card

No matter you’re going, you should always have an emergency contact card inside your wallet. Include contact information for someone back home. It can either be a close friend or your parents. In addition, be sure to add relevant information about your health, like allergies or other conditions.


A map of the place you’re traveling to is vital for you to survive. It is a great tool for navigation. But if you find it too uncomfortable to use, you can always use Google map. Just search down your travel destination beforehand and pin it down so you can get access to it even without the internet. In addition, if you are like most that can’t spot south with the use of the Southern Star, you will probably need to bring along a compass to help you out.

Spare Clothes

When it comes to traveling, there is no question in the importance of bringing spare clothes. However, be sure to pack comfortable and decent clothes. The last thing you want is to attract unwanted attention because of the clothes you wear. Pack a few shirts and pants or dress that you can easily match and mix.

Pair of Shoes

When it comes to traveling, you will be walking around, a lot! Packing two or three pairs of shoes is ideal. If you plan to enjoy the nightlife of the city you’re in with some high heels and a beautiful dress, you can definitely do so. However, don’t wear them for touring or traveling since you’ll be doing a lot of trekking; sneakers are better suited.

Cash and Credit Cards

Traveling means you will need to spend, so bring some cash and a credit card. Credit cards are mainly used to pay for large amounts, like for your hotel accommodation. However, make sure that your card is still usable and won’t be denied when swiped. Not only is it problematic, it can also be quite embarrassing. For some native delicacies or riding a taxi, of course, you will need to pay cash. But be warned, don’t keep your cash and credit card in the same bag for safety purposes.

Safety Whistle or Alarm

Traveling solo means there’s no one to look after you, so you’ll want to keep something on you that can help you in case of emergencies. Sometimes pepper sprays aren’t allowed, and you definitely bring a mace on a place. But one option that will surely help you in case of emergency is a safety whistle or alarm. It can attract attention and deter any attackers.

A Book (Several)

Being in an unfamiliar place can be stressful and you may need something to get your mind off things. Talking to the locals is a great idea, but if you’re looking for that “solo girl” time, reading a book or two can definitely help. Moreover, it’s something to do, but it’s also something that will make you look busy if you’re worried about strangers approaching you.

A Journal

When you’re traveling, you’re experiencing new things and making new memories. And as a lady, you might be inclined to write down your experiences for you to keep them forever. Take a journal with you. At the end of the day, write down all the amazing things you saw, people you meet, and you felt during that day. Plus, if your friends or family asks about how was your trip, you’ve got all the info you need in your journal.

These are just important stuff to bring for your first solo travel. But with these alone, you can make your travel experience more enjoyable and worry-free.

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