El Nido Palawan

El Nido Palawan Philippines Solo Female Travel

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El Nido Palawan Philippines

solo female travel is an experience all female travelers should take. It has an area of 923.26 square km and have 41,606 inhabitants. El Nido Palawan is one of the most touristy place in the Philippines and is what I'd typically say the postcard of the Philippines. A Traveler's must go to place in Philippines, its beautiful huge rocks and limestone formation are amazing. The lagoons, and beaches are perfect for your holiday getaway. 

My solo travel in El Nido

This place is one of the most romantic, and most visited place in the Philippines. I myself fell in love with the beautiful scenic view of El Nido. What's ironic about traveling solo is that you're never really traveling solo at all because you'll met a whole lot more people and doing much more fun activities with your fellow travelers and even locals along your journey. 

I arrive to El Nido Palawan 3rd week of September 2018, and yes it is the monsoon season. In fact there was a typhoon, a day prior my arrival in El Nido, and my flight almost got canceled. I'm just glad that nobody's hurt during the incident and so happy that the weather finally cleared up during my stay. I get to enjoy island hopping, and the crystal clear pristine beaches.

Nacpan Beach a photo over to the right is a popular place in El Nido, one of asia's beautiful longest twin beach. It is relatively far away from El Nido town, about an hour motorcycle drive. The road going to Nacpan highway is alright as it is cemented yet around a kilometer away from the highway towards Nacpan is challenging and quiet and adventure. It's muddy and slippery, men it's off road. Still this place is amazing plus Mad Monkey hostel is here. Nacpan is a perfect place just like a paradise. 

What to do

Meet friends

I arrive in Puerto Princesa Airport at noon time and I didn't really have any fix plan for El Nido neither booked my accomodation. I'm just doing my thing, being cool and spontaneous about it. I took a van ride which takes 5 hours trip from the airport to El Nido town proper. The road trip is like a never ending roller-coaster ride and meet few friends in the van whom I share such a not so fun ride. And I actually ended up staying in to the same hostel (Our Melting Pot) where my new found friend stayed. We had dinner together by the beachfront.

Island hopping tours

I booked my island hop tour just in my hostel the following day and took a combo package A and C. El Nido has fixed prices for island hopping tour package wherever you go in the area. I personally like package A where they highlight the Big and Small Lagoons the El Nido's Pride Lagoons. And by the way the food preparation was perfect and it taste so good that I thought it was prepared by a chef. It was nicely done and delicious.

Scuba diving 

Another fun adventure that you can enjoy in El Nido yet I didn't do as I have so much respect in the underwater world that I'm afraid of it hehe. I'm afraid of the unseen underneath the surface. Anyways, El Nido is great for scuba diving as well they have lots of diving shops and diving spots of course. I somehow manage to do snorkeling and so lucky to have swam with the ever graceful turtle, the best experience though.


Taraw Cliff is famous for hiking spot overlooking the entire El Nido town and the beautiful lagoons, The following day after my island hopping tour was quiet romantic as this gentleman where I met from my island hopping pick me up early morning to go for a walk by the beach. It was like about a kilometer hike, yet the view was amazing and my company was cute haha. We went back to have lunch at a humble restaurant which serves really tasty, good filipino food by the beach.

Enjoy sunset in Las Cabanas 

And at 3pm we went to the famous las Cabanas for the sunset view. Then enjoyed the full-moon party just beside Las Cabanas Resort called Beach Shacked. The full-moon beach party was crazy and so much fun. Booze and dancing and fire dancing show. I met a lot of nice folks from one of the best hostels in town called The Spin Hostel (Birds nest) amazing people we had such a great time.

Night life 

The next day after the full-moon party I went out and meet with the same people I met from the party and the boat tour. We went from bars to bars and when in El Nido, Pukka Bar is famous for the night life. We did silly drinking games and partied all night long. The party never ends in El Nido.

Nacpan beach 

Then the next day I decided to visit Nacpan Beach. It was almost an hour ride from town and have met a fellow solo traveler along the road so we convoy to our destination. In Nacpan, Mad Monkey should not be missed and Nacpan Beach Sunmai Sunset Restaurant for their pizza

Indeed Nacpan Beach Sunmai Sunset Restaurant offers the best pizza in town, they use wood oven. I also love the pizza at Altrove Restaurant (Italian) in the town proper and that filipino restaurant which is near Pukka bar that I forgot the name tsk tsk. The rest are so so food and are pricey.

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