Danao Adventure Park

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Danao Adventure Park’s getting famous in Bohol for its affordable breathtaking fun activities, it’s a 3-4 hours land trip from ICM Mall Tagbilaran. We took a v-hire from ICM Terminal going to Danao Poblacion for 165 pesos. Then from Poblacion we took a motorcycle ride (habal2x) for 50 pesos which took us about 15-20 minutes to reach Danao Advanture Park. We started our first Danao adventure with SuiSlide Zipline worth 350 pesos per person. It was fun and exciting it took us a minute or two to reach the other side of the cliff and another minute going back.

who’s up for fun air ride?
age doesn’t matter at all!

Our next adventure was River Kayaking worth 350 pesos per person. It was like 3-4 km away from the Danao Adventure Park Center to the Wahig River starting point. It’s a 1.5 km long river kayak where me and my friends get to enjoy.

who’s excited?? haha
i thought this would just be easy.. haha it’s such a great sport!
oh, i’m just a thrill seeker..

We headed back to the Adventure Park Center to have lunch.  There food is okay, I ordered pancit guisado for 180 pesos and 1 liter bottle for 40 pesos. We rested for half an hour and went to our last Adventure trip which was the Extreme Caving worth 350 pesos per person. It took us 2 hours to finish our spelunking adventure. Such a bummer I didn’t brought power bank and emptied my gadgets battery. You guys, 1 must have in your adventures is a power bank. It was indeed an extreme cave adventure, we did rappelling, crawling,crossing 4ft deep water inside the cave, climbing ughhh was so much fun… You guys, have to do it some time soon. I don’t suggest this activity though to a claustrophobic or people with asthma. The cave is alive and it’s got so many living creatures inside it. It’s got so many wonderful stalactites and stalagmites formation and there’s so many bats plus our tour guide mention that there’s a snake – a python one that would sometimes swim along with you guys.. Of course, we didn’t experience it thank God we didn’t.lol

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to try Bungee Jumping, Skyride and rootclimb for it was damage due to the earthquake. But no worries ya all, it’s under reconstruction they said. Hopefully, it’s all back up next year.  We finished it all by 4 pm. We left the Center by 4:45 pm and took motorcycle whom fetch us to the last bus trip and paid them 100 per person. And our bus fare going back to tagbilaran city was 120 pesos. Then we rode another motorcycle (habal2x) on our way back to the Ashiyana Resort at Alona Beach for 75 pesos per person.

My overall expense:  1780 pesos although my adventure rides was a treat from my beautiful friend Sarah, bunch of thanks ( merci beaucoup, Sarah! )

V-hire fare    – 165 php
Motorcycle     – 50  php
SuiSlide       – 350 php
River Kayaking – 350 php
Pancit Guisado – 180 php
Water        – 40  php
Spelunking     – 350 php
Motorcycle     – 100 php
Bus Fare       – 120 php
Motorcycle     – 75  php

Thanks for reading, till my next adventure…

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