Things To Do in Camotes Island

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“The Untouched Island” is what they call it, a beautiful small island found in the northern part of Cebu Province. It’s composed of a three major islands and a minor islet. Pacijan Island has sole municipality of San Francisco; Poro Island, which has two municipalities namely Poro and Tudela; Ponson Island has sole municipality of Pilar; and the Tulang Island which is an islet that is still a part of San Francisco. It’s main transportation is motorcycle or habal2x, there’s just a few multicab jeepneys in the area. The island is small that you can tour it for a day using a motorcycle or a car.

Things to do:

  • Soak in the beach at Santiago Beach
  • Set a camping tent in Santiago Beach
  • Visit Lake Danao
  • Spelunking in a few famous caves such as Holy Crystal Cave, Timubo Cave and many more.
  • Cliff Jumping / Diving in Buho Rock Resort
  • Dine at Baywalk and eat delicious barbecues.
  • Meet friendly locals in the fisherman`s village

It took us 3 hours to reach the wonderful pristine beach of Barangay Santiago in Camotes Island.

Santiago beach shore line

From Cebu we took a jeepney bound for Danao Port, it was about 2hours from Mandaue City Cebu to reach Danao Port which cost us 30 pesos per head. From Danao port,it would take approximately an hour to reach to Consuelo Port for 180 pesos then the terminal fee which is 5 pesos. Then we embark at Consuelo port at 3:30pm luckily these friendly locals Ramil and Carlo offered us a free ride since they’re also heading our way which is to Santiago Beach so we’ve save 50 pesos plus we get to meet and talk to locals. It would cost you 50 pesos for a habal2x to fetch you to Santiago Beach, no worries as there’s a lot of habal2x waiting just outside the port of Consuelo that you can charter. Or you can also rent a motorcycle for 500 pesos good for 24hours. In our case, Ramil knows someone in Santiago that also rents scooters for only 300 pesos. His  name is Miguel and his contact number is 09975895235. We rented a tent for 2 nights too at 300 pesos a night in Reeses Resort the first resort on the right side in the area.  I would definitely go back to Camotes, the people here are nice and wonderful. They’re friendly and very accomodating. Miguel even offered to fetch us to the Consuelo port for free on our departure date, so very nice of him to do that. I’m grateful to this people with their kind and big heart. Gracias!

Our first day since we arrive a little late already, we just head straight to Baywalk, San Francisco to enjoy our sumptous dinner a very good chicken barbecue that we couldn’t get enough of it that the following night we went back and enjoyed the same order in that same food stall plus some beer ughh so delicious. lol.. you guys should try it.

she’s loving it so much

In the morning, we just ordered breakfast meal from the resort we’re we camped our tent and enjoyed the beach until 12 noon. Then started our day tour around the area. Ofcourse we have to refuel our motorcycle and there’s just a few gasoline station, Petron was in Barangay Danao and there’s another one Gasoline station in Barangay Consuelo too. Not to worries though because there are small stores that sells gasoline in liters along the way. So we first visited Lake Danao, did some picnic and get lost in the woods. You can also rent the paddle boat for 50 pesos in 30 minutes or visit the Lake Danao islet in a speedy boat for also 50 pesos a ride.

Live the moment, be a child again.
Get lost in the woods

Then we went to do some spelunking, Holy Crystal Cave was the nearest one to Lake Danao. It’s got really beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations. It’s got 3 bats hehe just 3 of them.

beautiful stalactite formations at Holy Crystal Cave
Beautiful Stalagmite formation at Holy Crystal Cave
You be the judge!

Then we also went to Timubo Cave. There’s not much of stalactite and stalagmite formation in that cave since it has already been commercialized. You can just enjoy the cold water inside, it is where locals used to wash there clothes too. lol

Timubo Cave has a huge place where you can swim but there’s not much stalactits or stalagmite formation as this cave is pretty much commercialized!
Tulang Island, an Islet in San Francisco just a view from afar.

Then we went to Buho Rock Resort and enjoyed cliff jumping…                                     Cliff jumping area, has 20 ft and 50 ft zones

Such a relaxing place

Also please see this link for my camotes island escapade miniclip:


Until our next travel adventure…

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