Alcoy, Tingko 2 Cebu

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Alcoy is a very beautiful town in southern part of Cebu, where you can enjoy the nice white sand beach and people. It is a few kilometers away from Cebu City proper. It takes 3 hours land trip if you are commuting in a bus and if you are using a private vehicle depending on how fast you drive more likely you’ll reach the place in 2 hours time. We took the bus trip for 130 pesos only in an air-conditioned Ceries line bus, they also have regular bus where you could get a 20 pesos less than the actual air-conditioned bus fare. They also have fish sanctuary and their famous of their blue coral reefs. The locals in the area are very friendly and accommodating as well as very helpful.

Check out the beachfront..

Beautiful white sand at Alcoy Beach
just enjoy the sand and the beach

There are tables and chairs for rent for a day for 300 pesos. The rooms are quite expensive too from 1200-2500 although I like their room accommodation so far compared to moalboal. It’s clean and much bigger plus the beach does not have much rock in it. So we just had somebody watch over our stuff in the area his name was Jun-jun haha all thanks to him we give him 100 to watch for our stuff for roughly an hour or two. Because we headed to the fish sanctuary and the blue coral reefs area and tried to catch some fish as we brought some fishing rod and other fishing materials that day to try and catch a fish.. Unfortunately, we failed to catch one. We rented a pumpboat for 400 pesos.

Look! Let me introduce you to Manong Bedong.

Manong Bedong!

He is very thoughtful and he makes sure that we are safe and that we’d enjoy our adventure.

Let her enjoy her candy on the beach.


After the snorkeling and failed fishing activity my friend Sarah gave the fishing equipment to Manong Bedong in return. I love the place it’s warm, refreshing and relaxing..


Here’s some rock formation in the area with not some hard rock thats gerry and dudz btw..

Alcoy Boys

I hope you enjoyed reading this, until my next travel adventure.

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