I actually talk so little about myself, so I`d like to be brief as possible. I am Mitch a traveler, an aspiring photographer. I value equality and respect each others belief. I`d say that I am a very dynamic and complex person. I love meeting people and getting to know them and their culture. I can be a lot of things, I am a boring kinda person. Boring in a sense that I follow routine work and then home, home and then work. I know, and it sucks that I am married to my freaking job. I am the kind of person who goes to that same restaurant and orders same exact food that I have been ordering. But wait, there’s more to this ” Boring person ” as I am very adventurous and spontaneous at some point. I love spelunking, canyoneering, trekking, biking, rock-climbing (indoor), cliff diving and enjoy most of the outdoor activities. Spontaneous yes I am, to a point where I met a gurl and just a few hours after our friendship she asked me if I wanna go with her and fly with her to Manila and I said YES. Because I am freaking random, spontaneous, adventurous, boring complex person that I can be.  Yet I love who I am, not narcissist though.Just simply me :-p

I hope through this I`ve helped you discover our beautiful culture, wonderful places and yourself at the same time. After all, traveling is about exploration and self evaluation too. I’d love you to get to know you, feel free to contact or message me anytime at your convenience. Explore the beauty of nature and people with me, come and join me in my travel adventures.

Contact me at: mitchvalmoria@mitchgosee.com