21 days workout

21 Days Workout Challenge

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21 Days Workout Challenge is basically a workout challenge done in 21 days. A lot of people nowadays are living a sedentary lifestyle and guilty of not taking real good care of oneself. Working out is such a struggle to squeeze in our daily lives, eating healthy nutritious food is such a cliche that we just don’t give a fuzz. We think that no matter how hard we try we’re still all gonna die anyways, right? Well, indeed life is short and we should make the most out of it and not taking care of it will definitely will just make it even shorter. True that!

I have been really guilty of being lazy, not working out and not eating healthy food as my lifestyle. I weigh 66.4 kilos last January 24, 2018. I’ve always wanted to get fit and attain a beach body, but foolish enough to think that I would just attain that without changing my sedentary lifestyle. Have tried a lot of stuff in the past from doing keto diet, paleo diet,Alternate-day Fasting(ADF) upto starving myself, did cardio and didn’t like it so to cut the story short I just gave up because none of them seems to work for me. And came to conclusion that none of those things worked for me because of lack of will, lack of knowledge, and wrong or no motivation at all.

So, what changed? I decided to joined the Biggest Loser challenge, money indeed motivated me and it is a step closer to my goal in attaining a fit and healthy body. Another thing is, I met this young lady her name is Marianna who is so beautiful and so fit and I have seen how she is so disciplined to her workout and healthy diet routine that also inspires me to just do it. And so I challenge myself to have the will to pursue losing weight and have a healthy fit body.

Importance of working out!
You should already know how important it is to exercise at least 4 times in week to keep your body fit and healthy. It promotes good hormones which then gives you good mood. You feel refreshed, recharged and full of energy. It gives you stamina and endurance. Your day would lasts longer when you exercise compare to those days where you were just being lazy and lousy. It makes you even smarter, your brain functionality grows, and you lose weight in the process as a result. I could tell you on and on and on about how important working out is but this wouldn’t be enough and i’m pretty sure you already got that covered.

How It All Began! 
I’ve then heard of the 21Days of breaking a habit and make a new one! So I made Working out my first 21days Workout Challenge. I started my challenge last February 27, 2018 and when I checked my weight I was 67kilos. Yeah I gained weight, you see money, inspiration and my motivation wasn’t enough because I didn’t know how to start and I lack the will to do it. Going back to how started it, I followed a High Intensity Interval Training HIIT for 20 minutes on my first day and boy trust me it wasn’t easy. Working out is never easy haha at first though, but it’s worth it. Then, the next day until the 6th day. I got so pump up that I only rested a day on my first week and the second actually doing HIIT.

And then, a good friend of mine her name is Rosie asked me politely to join her on her Circuit Training and so I did! I said to myself I could do it, and since my body was already use to HIIT well why not! Plus I’ve heard really good feedback from a lot of people and read a lot of good reviews about Circuit Training when it comes to weight loss. It could help me get to my goal of losing weight and be physically fit. And man, the training was just too tough for my body that the next following day I couldn’t move at all and ended having to call in sick from work. I am in soo much pain you couldn’t imagine. Well, I’ve read about how Ice baths could quickly help muscle recovery and since I don’t have a bath tub what I did was to go for a swim and started a few lapses that night and then the next day my arms are so sore still atleast I can already walk huh. No HIIT training for the week. I did cardio exercise and swimming on my 3rd week but mostly rested, I think I rested for 3days. 😉
Last week of my 21days workout challenge, I did HIIT for 6 consecutive days and I saw the result. On March 19, 2018 weighed 63.5 kilos which was so much of a progress but I’m telling you 5% is your effort working your ass out, 5% body rest, and 90% diet! Yes I had to cut sugar and avoid alcoholic drinks as much as possible within the 21days period. I still party though so alcohol cannot really be avoided much however it was reduced.

Biggest Loser Dinner
Biggest Loser Dinner

Alright the result was amazing and I loved it, although I didn’t win the Biggest loser challenge. It doesn’t bother me anymore because what matters to me now is having this new habit of working out as it keeps me active, productive, going, stronger, healthier and leaner. Yey me! I hope this would inspire you all you beautiful/handsome lazy, folks out there. haha! Just give it a try for 21days! Try it and see how it works and let me know. Would love to hear from you.

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